by Nelson Coulter | Dec 13, 2022 | Blog, Thought Leaders

Most of us tip the server when we visit a restaurant. That gratuity is a simple expression of appreciation for service rendered.

Gratuity is a powerful force multiplier, and it need not be limited in its scope. We can acknowledge and honor the effort and commitment of others in MANY ways, both tangible and intangible.

Consider some common and impactful gratuitous enactments:

  • Embody respectfulness.
  • Say thanks, often and personally.
  • Be hyper-aware of the efforts and struggles of others.
  • Read and freely share the stories of iconic servant leaders.
  • Start meetings and engagements with expressions of thanks.
  • Reflect on our blessings, especially in the context of human history.
  • Donate — time, money, effort — to some kind of humanitarian cause.
  • Improve constantly, as result of lessons learned and noble intentions envisioned.

We’re all only visiting this planet. Extending gratitude is a way to make that visit much more pleasant, for ourselves and for all those whose paths we cross.

May the Force………………………………..get multiplied.

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