by Nelson Coulter | Dec 6, 2022 | Blog, Thought Leaders

Some folks just give in, give up, choose the myopic and self-centric view, opt for pessimistic inertia. Being but one person on a planet populated by 8 billion humans, they take the view that we are but one grain of sand on a very large beach. How can/could we matter?

On the other hand…………

A different kind of folks choose to matter. They work to make themselves, and “things,” better. They understand that hope is lovely, but insufficient. Making a better future takes intentional effort.

MATTERers follow a fairly common and simple recipe. They zealously choose to:

  • Believe – in something bigger than themselves, and constantly seek to clarify and make sense of that grounding-guiding “vision.”
  • Share – with others, both like minded and not, those consequential beliefs.
  • Care – for themselves, for others, for the planet and universe with which we have been blessed.
  • Serve – in many ways, with eyes and hearts outwardly directed.
  • Start – now, in this moment, today, and every day hereafter.
  • Focus – on their respective spheres of influence, however small or large.

Yeppers. The key and repeated verb from above is “choose.” Now is a good time to start.

*Warning: There is no end in sight. Bettergetting and Bettermaking are daily disciplines.

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