The work of CEN changes rural schools, changes rural communities, changes the lives of rural students (especially those in poverty).

Creating better futures for rural America is what we’re about.

 Read about the evidence of CEN’s impact in the following articles.

Small Town, Big Dreams

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Amanda Sanchez Earns BS Degree

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A Rural Promise

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CEN Vision

1) College and Career Focus– for ALL students, through school transformation processes, in the interest of breaking the cycle of generational poverty.
2) Educational Attainment– systems/support for progressive degree attainment and industry certifications by rural students.
3) Transformative Educator Development– embedded, innovative, and ongoing professional development.
4) Exemplary Stewardship– ethical and responsible management of resources.

CEN Goals: By helping rural schools transform themselves into world class learning organizations, CEN intends to break the cycle of  generational poverty and promote prosperity through developing within rural communities a highly skilled and progressively learning workforce (through degree attainment and industry certifications).

CEN Mindsets: The thinking that drives CEN is…

  • High aspirations and high expectations.
  • Transformational school culture change.
  • Focus on College, Career, and Military Preparedness.
  • Recalibrating of learning “habits” (of the students, of the educators, of the community).
  • All means ALL (all students, not just subsets).