Let’s Put Rural Education on the Map

CEN is a growing network of high-performing rural school districts using their defining strengths to tackle their biggest challenges. We are empowering young people to build a future with more opportunity, prosperity, and impact. We are acutely aware that in rural settings, as the school goes, so goes the community.

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Scaling the Rural P-20 System Model to create HOPE for all rural students.

Rural HOPE is laser-focused on High-wage/high-demand Occupation Pathways for Each rural Texas student.  

As an organization, Collegiate Edu-Nation believes ALL means ALL. CEN extends ALL to include students, families, schools, employees, volunteers, and consultants—the whole community. CEN believes that education and training lead to better lives. The potential of ALL contributes to the prosperity and sustainability of their community, country, and world. CEN works to eliminate ALL poverty—historical, intergenerational, or newly impoverished. CEN’s mission is to empower ALL young people in rural communities to reinvent their local economies for 21st-century success. CEN intentionally supports ALL from the first day of Pre-K through postsecondary success and into the start of a meaningful career. We strive for a radically inclusive culture. CEN is a voice for ALL by reflecting diversity, equity, and inclusion in our leadership, membership, advocacy, pathways, partnerships, and communications. Our best evidence is to lead by example.

We’ve Got Grit

Students in CEN Network schools benefit from a resilient growth-oriented mindset that helps them succeed academically and in life, while making meaningful contributions to their community.

High Aspirations. Clear Expectations.

CEN promotes the P-20 Model for 21st Century School Transformation which focuses on heightened college and career aspirations through continuous educational attainment and industry-related certifications.  We believe a mindset of high aspirations and high expectations on those fronts leads naturally to lifetimes of happiness, productivity, and success.
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Rural Goes Plural

CEN has its roots in rural America (Roscoe, Texas).  We unequivocally believe that the health and wellbeing of the United States is dependent on a thriving rural America.  An exceptionally educated and highly skilled rural workforce is the surest path to that prosperity.
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