Your Story

Author: Robyn Derington, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum & Instruction, Banquete ISD

Now that we have settled into a new Post-COVID normal, society and the media have become more and more focused on the negatives of our education system.  Newspapers run stories about overcrowding, underperforming and bus incidents.  People complain on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  The biggest bark gets the bite.  So, how do we proactively tackle this issue head on?

We must become the narrator of our own story.  By celebrating and sharing all of the great things going on in our schools and our communities, we are able to gain the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.  Social media can become a tool for positive engagement with the community.  Do not be afraid to brag.  Spotlighting our scholars, faculty, staff and community not only sends a positive vibe out in the world, but it also builds morale and a sense of belonging.  Make your district the place to be!  What better way to address a critical time with teacher shortages across the country than to show the world that we are reaching new heights in education and building a better future for our next generation of leaders.

If you do not put your story out there, someone else will! So what’s your story going to be?

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