Rocket Science

Problems are not hard to find. They present themselves to us, every day, in a million ways. Identifying problems is not rocket science. The challenge is always in figuring out how to address them in some meaningful and sustainable way.

Dr. Kim Alexander, as school superintendent in the rural community in which he was raised (Roscoe, Texas), saw a problem:

Systemic generational poverty
    • which led to low aspirations,
    • which led to low expectations,
    • which led to terrible educational, social and economic outcomes,
    • which led to more generational poverty,
    • which led to…………
    • An Endless Cycle of More of the Same…………

Dr. Alexander decided to do something about it. He began engaging with members of his rural community and with external stakeholders, inviting them to explore ideas for breaking that cycle of generational poverty, with its subsequent negative outcomes.

Step by step, brick by brick, idea by idea, the concept of the P20 educational model began to take form and gain traction. That P20 assumes EVERY student in the community will have both opportunity and the needed support systems to move ever upward in degree attainment and/or the adding of industry-valued certifications.

The pieces of the puzzle began to fall into place. The evidence of impact became quite compelling. If it could work in Roscoe, Texas, then why not in other rural communities? Eventually, Collegiate Edu-Nation (CEN) was conceived and formed as the vehicle to share the P20 model with other rural servant leaders who have also decided to create better futures for their children and communities.

The perpetual downward cycle of educational, social, and economic deflation in rural America need not persist. That cycle can – and has been – be reversed in demonstrable ways.

CEN and the P20 Model are built on the foundation of three very lofty goals:

College and Career Focus – for ALLstudents, through school transformation processes.
Educational Attainment – systems and support for degree attainment and industry certifications.
Transformative Educator Development – embedded, innovative, and ongoing professional development.

No, it’s not rocket science. It’s hard work. Very hard work. (Definitely not work for the faint of heart.) But well worth it if creating better futures for our rural students, schools, and communities is what we desire.

Interested in building a “rocket” for your rural community?  Start HERE.

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