Protecting Your “Why”

Author: Juliana Lingo, Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Funding, Lytle ISD

Ready or not, summer flew by too fast and another school year is upon us. Each new year starts with new challenges, new roles, and new responsibilities. People who serve in education have various life experiences and paths they have taken, however, they all have a reason or “why” for continuing in this profession.

I was recently provided the opportunity to attend the Collegiate Edu-Nation (CEN) summer conference in College Station. It was wonderful to get to go to Aggieland (Whoop!) and hear about all the amazing opportunities that CEN is bringing to rural Texas, including my own district. The partnership between CEN and the Agriculture world speaks to my heart, having an animal science degree and an education degree, my worlds are finally colliding! At the CEN conference, I found a new sense of my “why” and the opportunity to reinvigorate my call to action to support my district as we continue to grow in the CEN network. Even better, my own children are going to get to have a different educational experience than I did, which is part of the root of my personal “why.”

The last few years have been some of the most difficult years in education, from a global pandemic to government constraints to safety challenges. Just when you think it is going to get better, another challenge (or better yet, opportunity) arises. Your “why” is unique to you. It is your call to action at the end of each day, driving you to do better and continue to serve. As we enter into a new school year and prepare to face all the unknown challenges that lay ahead, we must continue to lean on our “why”. What is your “why”? If you know your “why”, take time to revisit it before the school year. At times, we look in the mirror and think “Why do I do this? I could be doing something so much easier!”. We are all in this profession for a reason, serving the youth of Texas. Make sure that you protect your “why” and your call to action. By holding your “why” close to your heart as you navigate this school year, the challenges and opportunities that arise will have a purpose to motivate you to do better and continue in this profession, serving the youth of Texas. May the 22-23 school year be your best year yet!

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