Our Village

Author: Dr. Stacy Johnson, Superintendent, Banquete ISD

We have all heard “you need more community engagement” or “more community buy-in”, but what exactly does that mean? There is not just one way to define community engagement or what it should look like in your district. Community engagement should be seen as a living organism, whose needs change and vary throughout the partnership.

It is paramount for each district to understand their community’s needs or wants and only then true engagement will take shape. It’s not just about having the community show up in droves to attend the donuts for dad, but by having meaningful activities and learning that engages the community’s intellect.

How can you create a partnership that enhances the district AND the community? Often our idea of community engagement is one-sided to our own benefit, however we should try to create opportunities that allow the district TO SERVE THE COMMUNITY.

Opportunities to truly collaborate, to clean up the area, provide technology or other educational classes, or house health fairs that are open to everyone in the community, not just the families of your students and these actions will create meaningful engagement WITH your community. When you create a genuine connection to your community, you create a productive and collaborative environment that will ensure student success! As the old saying goes, it takes a village to raise a child.

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