Author: Nelson Coulter

Some of the folks I admire most get a LOT of stuff done. They have eclectic interests, curious minds, and superb skills in task completion.

I’ve noticed some commonalities in these Gitter-Doner types:

  • They know the time of day when their brain works best, and they do the most cognitively challenging work at those times.
  • They tackle the “worst first” during a normal day.
  • They organize their files/documents/emails/stuff so that they can lay their hands/brains on it immediately (without having to go on a time-sucking scavenger hunt).
  • They have a network of trusted “experts” whom they tap for advice and counsel on tricky decisions.
  • They remove distractions when doing work that requires intense focus.
  • They put tasks/meetings/deadlines on a calendar (usually just ONE calendar) and monitor that calendar daily.
  • They communicate with their team frequently.
  • They create “first drafts” of important work weeks or months in advance, to allow percolation time for improvement modifications and ongoing cognigitation.
  • They have fun with their work and at their work.
Gotta run. Stuff to get done today.

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