Author: Nelson Coulter

Tackling tough tasks and challenging complex conundra is what leaders do. (The easy stuff is almost always handled down the hall or on another floor of the building.)

Consequently, our work disproportionately carries higher risk levels for failure.

No prob! Failure is how we learn — to improve, to adapt, to reassess, to re-engage, to re-imagine.

Some failure triggers to anticipate:

  • Information sharing among the team is sporadic, cluttered, or non-existent
  • Micromanagement and/or bureaucracy generate inertia
  • Poor onboarding processes of new team members
  • Launch or deployment time windows are too tight
  • Political protectionism
  • Resource famine

If we effectively forecast the triggers of failure, we stand a chance of interdicting or mitigating them.

Failure is rarely fatal.

Fail Forward!

*Wanna read more? Search nc’s Recursive Learning. 

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