Author: Nelson W. Coulter

Getting better. Every day. On purpose. That could be a tattoo for the continuous improvement mindset.

Why would betterness not be a goal for each of us, both in our personal lives and in the organizations we belong to?

Betterness is a discipline, the direct result of deliberate habit formation.

What do some of those powerful habits of betterness look like?

  • Caring — It’s absolutely OK to care, and to show it. We can make it a habit to demonstrate care for others.
  • Alertness — Observe, pay attention, listen, ask questions, assess………….on continuous loop.
  • Target Fixation — Be perfectly clear about the BIG picture outcomes we seek, and speak to others with intent to clarify that picture for them, too.
  • Stop-N-Start — We can make it a habit to stop doing stuff that does not directly contribute toward our goals, and to start doing those that do. Status quo is an illusion.
  • Modeling — No teaching tool is more effective than modeling. If we can’t model it, we can’t demand it. If we don’t model it, we are not serious about it.
  • Refresh — Each day is a new day. We can start anew each day. Actually, we can start anew each minute.
Betterness is magnetic. Magnets are much better at “pulling” than they are at “pushing.” A good lesson to remember.


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