by Lindsay Freeman | May 30, 2023 | Thought Leaders

As the school year closes and the summer months begin, I reflect on the journey from beginning to end. Being a principal has blessed me. I have been able to help students and adults in ways that I never could in the past. I have been an advocate, a listening ear, a supportive hand, and a firm believer. My heart and mind have been pulled in opposite directions at the same time with a difficult decision placed right in the middle. I have laughed; I have cried. I have felt anger, frustration, fear, and worry. My heart has hurt, yet felt so full of love in the same moment.

As you reflect on your journey, remember to see the new strength you have gained from the trials and tribulations. This world of administration in which we live is not for the weak. We sign up to lead, not knowing what exactly that will entail. God places us in these roles for a specific reason. We have purpose. You have purpose.

Regardless of your administrative role, it will be summer soon and the work does not stop. For we are tasked with creating and building another school year that will begin in just a few short months. Take care of yourself, rest. You are a superhero, and superhero’s need rest, too!

Collegiate Edu-Nation
Lindsay Freeman
Principal at Roscoe Collegiate Elementary