by Nelson Coulter | Jul 2, 2024 | Blog, Thought Leaders

The best leaders I know are With-It kind of people. And not only in the usual sense that they’re up to speed and paying attention.

With-It leaders understand that important work is never done alone. Thus, they continually express an inclusive message of team effort, collaborative endeavor, collective action………..WITH-IT-ness.

Some important messages those With-It leaders send:

  • “We” are always smarter than “I”
  • Team effort is a force multiplier
  • Each of us has a gift/talent to contribute, and is expected to do so
  • All voices should be heard
  • There are no bench-sitters, everyone is in the game
  • Information is shared freely (there are no secrets)
  • Connecting, collaborating, communicating WITH each other is a requirement
Winning is the result of WITH-IT kinds of teams. And leaders.
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