Our Mission

To empower rural communities to support and educate students, youth, and adults, beginning at home, continuing from the first day of Pre-K through postsecondary, leading to meaningful careers for lifetime success.

Our Vision

To End Generational Poverty in Rural America

Our Values

Rural Matters

We believe in the talent and potential of ALL rural students to contribute to the prosperity of their community, country, and world.

Success for all students requires a P20 culture shift

We believe in an integrated approach that raises aspirations and expectations for all students from the moment they first set foot in a classroom to the day they start high-wage, high-demand careers.

Education must constantly adapt to the changing world

We're committed to real-world learning and 1:1 support, preparing students for a life of choice and impact.

Education is a Life-long Community Effort

When we harness the connectivity, resourcefulness, and grit of rural America, we develop promising communities through education and career potential.

Education Doesn't Work in Silos

Through economies of scale, and the connection of passionate educators, we can do more for students as a dynamic network than we can do for them alone.