Author: Nelson Coulter

Trees come in lots of flavors and styles. Some trees…

  • Grow best in dense forests; others survive best in complete isolation.
  • Have deep and strong tap roots; some exist with shallow roots near the surface.
  • Have massive trunks and impervious bark; others have wispy and tender trunks.
  • Have leaves that are broad and expansive; some wear leaves that look like needles.
  • Live for hundreds of years; others but a flash in the pan.
  • Invite engagement and cohabitation; others have defense shields permanently deployed.
  • Shoot hundreds of feet into the air, straight skyward; others have branches that resemble a tangled skein.

And everything in between.

All trees have unique personalities. All trees are inextricably intertwined and interdependent with many other species of critters in the environment in which they live.

Trees are people, too.

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