by Nelson Coulter | Feb 5, 2024 | Blog, Thought Leaders

Ever work in an organization that felt like it was “stuck?”

Some of the best leaders I know interdict this state of stuckedness by engaging in the following strategic moves:

  • Make perfectly clear to all stakeholders — internal and external — WHY the organization exists and what it’s noble pursuits are.
  • Clearly define the roles of those in the organization. Everyone knows how they can, and are expected to, contribute.
  • Listen daily to team members up and down the food chain, to get their take on how those pursuits are going.
  • Model and insist upon continuous growth and improvement from everyone in the organization, beginning with the head honchos.
Unstuck is a way better state than stuckedness. The leader moves described above make the folks who revel in stuckedness extremely uncomfortable. By design.
Time to shift into four wheel drive…
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