We have all heard the saying “Riding for the Brand.” My grandfather was a cowboy at heart, and growing up I can remember hearing him say this a lot. Obviously I didn’t put much stock in what it meant back then, but I did know that if it was important enough for my grandfather to say as much as he did, then it must have meant something important and relevant to how we were supposed to be living our life. As an adult, I understand that “Riding for the Brand” meant living by a code for cowboys, and as leaders we too should live by a code. Red Steagall said it best, “Son, a man’s brand is his own special mark that says this is mine, leave it alone. You hire out to a man, ride for his brand and protect it like it was your own.” As leaders in education, we signed on to the mission and goals of our school district (our Brand), and we must be committed and dedicated to protect it. We are all riding for the same “brand” (ISD), and we are all striving together for the benefit of it (students). For me, Roscoe Collegiate ISD is more than just a job. It’s a symbol of value, commitment, and relationships. It is my “BRAND.” In the old west, “Riding for the Brand” wasn’t just a good thing to do, but it would often make or break a cowboy’s career, and the same goes for school leaders. The greater commitment we have to our entire organization, not just those individuals we interact with, the more successful our “Brand” will be. Are you “RIDING FOR THE BRAND?” GIDDY UP!!!

Collegiate Edu-Nation
Tecka Heaps, Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction, Roscoe Collegiate ISD