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CEN Briefing Paper


Non-Negotiable Elements Evaluation Rubric

Our Network

CEN School Districts

CEN is a network of high-performing rural school districts and supportive communities united around a shared goal: To reshape the future of rural America. We partner with private and public stakeholders, including businesses, education agencies, and philanthropic organizations to improve student outcomes during and after their education.

What Districts can expect from CEN

Assistance in establishing/deploying effect STEM/P-TECH Advisory Committees

✔ Support with establishing a Common Instructional Framework

✔ School Board training

✔ Reduced pricing for AVID, NWEA, MAP, 4-H

✔ Support in creating education foundations

✔ Assistance in establishing strong student & adult mentoring processes

✔ HS-to-IHE matriculation support

✔ On-site instructional coaching

✔ Professional & leadership development

✔ Facilitation of the CEN Principals Network

✔ Support with identifying & foraging business & IHE partnerships

✔ Support in external resource procurement

✔ Support with implementing Harvard Instructional Rounds

✔ Support with community engagement processes

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Learn more about how we might be able to help you, your students, and your community achieve remarkable outcomes.

Download Our Playbook

An introductory guide for superintendents, principals, academic leaders, and board members of rural school districts in the CEN network.


Download Our P-20 Handbook

A handbook for district leadership, school administrators, and community stakeholders pursing transformative results in public schools.