by Nelson Coulter | Jun 24, 2024 | Blog, Thought Leaders

Every team seems to have at least one member intent upon being the Non-Solver, the one who identifies problems then sits back to let others try to figure out how to come up with solutions.

Some pretty smart leaders I know don’t let folks get away with such slackerishness.

Here are some of the strategies astute leaders use with the Non-Solver types:

  • These wise leaders don’t let the Non-Solvers operate in secrecy. They force them to offer their complaints, issues, criticisms out in the open. They don’t get to “hide” from their observations/judgements. They’re forced to “own” them.
  • They press the Non-Solvers to present possible solutions to the problems identified. This is usually done in the form of inquiry. Some questions oft used: What have you tried? How well did that work? What did you learn from that effort that will inform our next moves?
  • They prescribe action steps for the Non-Solvers, with deadlines for completion and/or reporting of outcomes.
Continuous Improvement is a powerful element of a healthy organizational culture.
Continuous Complaint is not.
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