Author: Nelson Coulter

Research indicates that one of the most powerful “attractors,” and most persistent “repellants,” in our workplaces is the quality and behavior of the folks leading the organization.

Here’s a wish list (what we’d like Santa to bring us) for organizational leaders to consider:

  • Show a little energy and enthusiasm. We know your job is hard, but………..so is ours.
  • Hand out “thanks” and praise a little more generously. It’s like a stimulant (but legal).
  • Engage with us, talk to (not at) us, provide evidence that you’re noticing.
  • Celebrate and suffer with us a little more freely. Make us feel like you really care, and that we’re teammates with you.
  • Keep reminding us of where we’re going, and WHY we’re going there. Knowing the direction makes all the difference in the world in how we approach the journey.
  • Provide us with some consistent feedback, benchmarking, and guideposting. It helps to know how “we’re doing” (gently, of course).
And, Merry Christmas to you, too.
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