Author: Nelson Coulter

No, there’s not a contest or tournament which results in declaring who the World Champion Leader is.

Yet, those of us in leadership roles typically long to be viewed as exemplars of the craft.

IF, however, such a contest existed, at the very top of the list of determinant criteria would reside a powerful attractor: Respectfulness.

Everyone wants to be treated respectfully. And, generally, they afford similar treatment in return.

Here’s the short list of folks who crave respectful treatment by leaders: 1) All internal stakeholders, and 2) All external stakeholders. That pretty much covers everybody.

As leaders, how can we demonstrate respectfulness?

  • Create the conditions in which TRUST is offered, earned, and rewarded
  • Exercise in all ways HUMBLENESS
  • Demonstrate CARE in many and genuine ways
  • ASK good questions, LISTEN to the answers, TALK less
Don’t worry, it’s a learnable skill set.
And, the game never ends, so we can continually play “catch up.”
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