For Districts

The resources below will help inform you about CEN and how we might be able to help you, your students, and your community achieve remarkable outcomes.

CEN Playbook

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CEN Briefing Paper

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CEN P-20 Abstract

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Here’s a menu of what CEN does with and for partner districts:

  • Assistance in establishing/deploying effect STEM/P-TECH Advisory Committees
  • On-site instructional coaching
  • Support with establishing a Common Instructional Framework
  • Support with implementing Harvard Instructional Rounds
  • Professional and leadership development
  • Assistance in establishing strong student and adult mentoring processes
  • School Board training
  • Facilitation of the CEN Principals Network
  • HS-to-IHE matriculation support
  • Reduced pricing for AVID, NWEA MAP, 4-H
  • Support with identifying and forging business and IHE partnerships
  • Support with community engagement processes
  • Support in creating education foundations
  • Support in external resource procurement

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    With CEN, All means ALL!

    Innovative attempts to improve student outcomes abound. Endless initiatives and interventions are continually being deployed to impact student learning outcomes, through a myriad of reformers, both governmental and private.

    What makes CEN distinctive in that very busy and noisy arena is the All means ALL focus. EVERY child in the CEN network is afforded the opportunities and supports for achieving our very lofty aspirations. Not just a few, not just one campus, not just a particular subset of students.

    For CEN and our partnering school districts, truly, All means ALL!