Author: Nelson Coulter

We are apportioned only so many days on Earth. For some, that window of life is tragically short. For others, it can approach 100 years.

Regardless of how long we live, there is a finite amount of Life Energy allocated to us each day.

We get to determine how to spend that Life Energy.

Below are some continua we can use to help frame those choices:

Harmony <<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>> Disharmony

Calm <<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>> Instigate

Love <<<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hate

Service <<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>> Selfishness

Contribute <<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>> Consume

Learn <<<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>>>>>> Ignore

Positivity <<<<<<<<<<<< >>>>>>>>> Negativity

We don’t control the amount of Life Energy, just the way we choose to direct it.

Note to self: Modifications can be made minute-by-minute.

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