Author: Nelson Coulter

Culture is the ultimate expression of our values.

We default to the values of our dominant cultural affiliation UNLESS we choose values different from those.

Important questions to ask ourselves and our teams as we examine whether or not our organizational culture is effectively manifesting our chosen values:

  • How clearly have we articulated our fundamental guiding values?
  • What ways of thinking serve to promote those values?
  • What observable behaviors do we see in ourselves that manifest those values?
  • How well do we acknowledge, praise, honor, and memorialize those who are effective exemplars of those values?

As we answer those questions, two important action steps follow:

  1. Adopting habits to reinforce those values.
  2. Abandoning habits that don’t.

Culture shaping is hard work that requires constant attention. Culture shapes us AND we shape culture. It is a dynamically reciprocal relationship.

Values matter!

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