CEN’s $10M Rural HOPE Fundraising Campaign

CEN's Rural HOPE project 
igh-wage/high-demand Occupation Pathways for Each rural Texas student by scaling the Rural P-20 System Model for college degree attainment, industry-based certifications, and work-based learning experience with minimal debt.

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CEN's Rural HOPE Project

The CEN's Rural HOPE Project will secure public and private funding to support the establishment of 12 regional model school districts, one in each of the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service Districts.  Since 2017, this CEN P-20 System Model, birthed in RCISD, will roll-out through five cohorts and result in the full expansion of the model across the state by 2023.

The CEN Rural HOPE Project will accelerate the CEN P-20 System Model and establish a model rural school district in each of the 12 Texas A&M AgriLife Extension districts across Texas. This distribution of transformational rural schools will provide a foundation for continued expansion beyond the initial years by positioning strong, regional model districts to serve as innovation hubs and to foster replication by additional districts.  Scaling the CEN Model involves moving from the current seven CEN ISDs served (either in planning or implementation stages as of July 2021) to all 12 AgriLife Extension districts by 2023.

This strategic scaling is projected to increase the number of rural Texas students served from 4800 to more than 7200 by 2023. The intention is to reach and serve 300 Texas schools by 2030 and 600 schools by 2036 (serving an estimated 200,000 rural students).

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  • Establish 12 CEN District P-20 models strategically around the state
  • Develop & integrate a robust outcomes data tracking & accountability system
  • Expand current institution of higher education relationships
  • Build-out operating capital support
  • Strengthen CEN’s non-profit organizational structures, resources & systems
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Rural HOPE Campaign Support
Projected Cost Components to scale CEN's Rural P-20 System Model for college degree attainment, industry-based certifications, and work-based learning experience with minimal rural student debt.

Campaign Advisory Members

CEN Scaling Campaign Advisory Committee, 9/3/2021
  1. Rick Rhodes, Chair (former Mayor, Sweetwater, Texas)
  2. Katie Alford (Community Foundation of Abilene)
  3. Chris Boleman (Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo)
  4. Gary Briers (Texas A&M University ALEC, CEN Consultant, Global Consulting Solutions)
  5. Ron Carter (Karnes County Livestock Exchange)
  6. Sandra Carter (Karnes County Livestock Exchange)
  7. Veronica Cuellar (Roscoe Collegiate ISD graduate/alum)
  8. Scott Cummings (Texas A&M University)
  9. Amy Dodson (Raise Your Hand Texas)
  10. Darrell Dromgoole (CEN Chief Community Development Officer)
  11. George Grainger (Texas A&M Foundation)
  12. Assistant Commissioner Dan Hunter (Texas Department of Agriculture)
  13. Martin Luna (Roscoe Collegiate ISD graduate/alum)
  14. Jim Nelson (Texas 2036)
  15. Sabari Raja (Nepris)
  16. Eric Reeves (CEN Board Member)
  17. Craig Rotter (CEN Board Member)
  18. Glen Shinn (Senior Partner, Global Consulting Solutions, Emeritus Professor, Texas A&M
  19. Johnny Veselka (CEN Board Member)
  20. Greg Wortham (Colorado City City Manager)
  21. Kim Alexander (CEN CEO)
  22. Rachael McClain (CEO COS)
  23. Ron Hadley (campaign advisor, whereRUgoing.com)