by Nelson Coulter | Jan 1, 2024 | Thought Leaders

Jake, our 90+ year old ranching neighbor, made the following observation several years ago while visiting with us on the country lane that separates our properties: “If you can’t find something wrong, you ain’t lookin’ very hard.”

True, and instructive. On the ranch, and in organizational work, there’s ALWAYS something that needs fixin’. It is not rocket science to identify the problems.

When we perseverate on what’s wrong, however, we generate some very negative energy and a mindset of UNgratefulness. Vibes and mindsets are both contagions.

What if our Team learned to expect from us a steady stream of gratitude, appreciation, acknowledgement, and praise. Rather than “Yeah, BUT…”

We can start today. It’s the perfect day, actually.

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Nelson Coulter