by Nelson Coulter | May 3, 2023 | Thought Leaders

Blessings come our way in a multitude of forms: kindness extended, forgiveness offered, assistance, deference, prayers, time given, a listening and nonjudgmental ear, a simple smile, an encouraging word, ………. the list goes on and on. Most (and some of the most meaningful) cost not one penny.

Blessings have a boomerang effect. The more we choose to serve and bless others, the more blessings come our way.

It’s not hard to find those who need a word, a hand, a little help.

Go ahead. Give it a try.

But only if you like to be blessed in return.

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Nelson Coulter has held a lot of titles: rancher, educator, author, musician, entrepreneur, coach, mentor, consultant, and professor. He has coached, taught, and been published in many settings. He has served in public schools of all shapes, sizes, and contexts.  He currently serves as an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice at Louisiana State University - Shreveport. His most cherished titles, however, are the ones not attached to career identity: son, husband, dad, and granddad.