CEN is changing the future of rural America

CEN is a nonprofit organization rooted in West Texas and dedicated to ending education and income inequality in rural communities nationwide. We partner with rural school districts and engage educators, students, families, and local communities to provide access to a rigorous, relevant education from Pre-K to post-secondary, and beyond.

Who We Are

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What We Believe

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We Think Beyond the Diploma

In a P-20 model, the end point isn't high school graduation—and the starting point isn't 9th grade. As Information technology opens up new possibilities for more inclusive and open rural economies, CEN districts strive to provide a rigorous and relevant education that starts on the first day of Pre-K and sees students through postsecondary education to a rewarding, high-wage, high-demand career.

Tailored to you. We work closely with each individual student, school, district, and community to adapt our model and support successful outcomes.

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See our impact. We stay focused on what matters: Long-term outcomes for students and the small towns they call home.
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